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Half Light

Rennie Pearson and Bob McNeill

Half Light take a mixture of original and traditional folk tunes and songs and arrange them in new and exciting ways, drawing inspiration from both old and modern musical styles to weave a tapestry of rhythms, melodies and songs that will transport the listen to faraway lands at one moment and have their toes tapping and hands clapping at another. Soaring flute and whistles, sonorous guitars, great songs and thumping rhythms take the music to unusual places. Two virtuoso players with a new slant on live folk music, full of dark energy; but at the heart of their show is the "lift" - Celtic music at full tilt. These two are among the best there are and they create an intricately crafted and varied evening of music that is sure to bring the celtic blood deep within your veins to the boil. Both Rennie and Bob are heavily involved in the folk music scene in New Zealand and Australia, both having extensive experience touring as solo acts and as part of various groups. They are both leading experts on their respective instruments and have taught and performed together various times at NZ’s Irish music school ‘Ceol Aneas’ as well as other festivals and workshops. The music they play delves deep into their musical creativity, with Bob’s intricate and evocative song writing and Rennie’s wide array of sounds and styles on the wooden flute and other instruments. The show will feature wooden flutes, Irish tin whistles, both steel string and spanish guitars with various pedal sounds, fiddle and voices. This will be a fascinating and fresh approach to traditional folk music that is sure to delight the ears of listeners of all ages

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Formed in 2018 by Rennie Pearson, Bob McNeil, James MacNamara and Duncan Davidson, Criú started out with the purpose of bringing all the Craic, drive and groove of traditional Irish session playing to the stage in a way that was exiting and engaging to listen to. 

Combining the sounds of the wooden flute, fiddle, guitar, accordion, tin whistles and uilleann pipes (the irish pipes), these musicians weave together melodies that have survived in the irish music tradition, sometimes for hundreds of years. The music is full of life, mystery, playfulness and sometimes sorrow.
It will have your toes tapping or your feet stamping at one moment, then the next transport you to some faraway place of deep joy or sadness. 

The band Criu is made up of some of Wellington's very best traditional musicians. Formed with the purpose of bringing the music of Ireland onto the stage, with tight arrangements, interesting sounds, driving rhythms and stories and history behind the tunes.
Ren and Rob

Rennie and Robert Zielinski began making music while locked down in Golden Bay.

With Rob on the fiddle and Rennie on the wooden flute and guitar, they weave their way around foot-stomping Irish melodies.

Ren and Rob play old and original tunes in a traditional Manner.

 Robs Donegal influenced fiddle playing which carries the weight of years spent in Ireland learning from the old masters, is paired with Rennie's versatile guitar playing, full of drive and shifting counter melody's, or the wooden flute, Rennie's first instrument, to create the classic flute and fiddle sound that is so  deeply ingrained in Irish traditional music

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Rennie Pearson and Colm MacEnaney form Forgotten Atlas. 

A live music duo fusing a mixture of traditional and original music from around the world to create an intimate and engaging atmosphere for listeners to sit back and enjoy the ride, or dance to their hearts content!

They play a combination of flutes, whistles, guitars, vocals, hang and percussion using a kick drum to tie down the beat and get you on your feet!

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Rennie and Oscar West formed Polytropos in 2011, making it Rennie's longest-standing duo.

Polytropos is a force of wildly imaginative Celtic music, the translation being of many twists and turns. 

 They have toured New Zealand many times, playing at various venues from small-town halls to big theatres. Their humour and knowledge of the traditions which they draw from forms a large part of the show. They have just released their debut album, which is available on Bandcamp

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